A seminar was given by Dr. Nader Shehata
A seminar was given by Dr. Nader Shehata to introduce CSNP activities and projects. (on Tuesday 23/09/2014 11:00 am in VT-MENA building)

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First international research fund
First international research fund is awarded to CSNP by QNRF. The awarded project is about silk spider electrospun nanofibers which can be used in neural system regrowth. This project will be carried out in CSNP through collaboration with both Bioinnovation center, Utah state University and Center of Advanced Materials (CAM), Qatar University.
A partnership between CSNP and the industrial partner (PULSE) through developing automated optical nanosensors for wide variety of applications.

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Our vision for the CNSP is to be a base for a collaborative research facility that can take the lead in the domain of Smart nanoscale research not only on the national scale but also across the entire Middle East region. With the successful utilization for the center facilities and latest communication technologies that we have, we shall enable border crossing collaboration between researchers and research centers opening the way for large-scale research projects the thing that we really need to promptly present a high quality solutions for the serious challenges that we have.


Mission of CNSP is to present multidisciplinary transformative solutions for the nations hard challenges in various domains. CNSP invest the effort and expertise of its members with a smart employment, enhancement, and adaptation of the cutting-edge technology to device novel independent / interrelated products to individually / comprehensively address such challenges.