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======CRC: Collaborative Research and Teaching Testbed for Wireless Communications and Networks-Phase II

The goal of CRC II is to build a number of remotely accessible testbeds distributed among number of Egyptian universities. The implementation of this project aims to allow 24/7 remote access to the available resources at the Egyptian universities for the research and teaching purpose and reduce the cost of purchasing new equipment which is available at other universities. The different testbeds are federated with a unified architecture to allow new sites to integrate with the federated testbed with a fixed steps. The federation allows users from different sites to access other testbeds and allow the sharing of the testbeds' resources. The project duration is 21 months fully supported from National Telecommunication Regulation Authority (NTRA). The currently involved universities are:

  1. Alexandria University (USRPs Testbed)
  2. Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (EJUST) (USRPs Testbed)
  3. Cairo University (FPGA Testbed)
  4. Assiut University (IoT Testbed)


Computer Engineering Team


* Prof.Hassan Mostafa, Cairo University, Egypt


  • Omar Salah, Alexandria University
  • Mahmoud Mahdi, Zagazig University
  • Abdelhamid Rabia, EJUST

Former Students

  • Yaser El-Nakieb, VT-MENA
  • Arsany Hany, Alexandria University (currently with EPFL, Switzerland)
  • Michael Azmy, Alexandria University (currently with Waterloo, Canada)
  • Rizanne Mamdouh, Alexandria University/EJUST

Electrical Engineering Team



  • Mohamed Gamal, Alexandria University
  • Camellia Saeed, Alexandria University
  • Fouad Ismail, Alexandria University
  • Kareem Metwaly, Alexandria University
  • Mohamed Jad, Nile University
  • Ali Hussein, Assiut University
  • Mahmoud Abdelhafeez, Assiut University

Former Students

  • Samer Hanna, Alexandria University (currently with UCLA, USA)
  • Mahmoud Alaa, Alexandria University (currently with AUC, Egypt)
  • Mariam Nabil, Alexandria University (currently with AUC, Egypt)
  • Alaa Darwish, Alexandria University
  • Anwar ElRabie, Alexandria University


This project is funded by the National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA)

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