Welcome to SmartCI…


Smart Critical Infrastructure Research CenterĀ (SmartCI) is a center of academic excellence in research and innovation, established in June 2013 as a collaboration between VT-MENA (Virginia Tech- Middle East and North Africa) and Alexandria University.

Through the first 5 years, SmartCI hosted 15+ proposal writings, got approvals for 16+ research projects to be funded from different funding agencies.

Based on the research center progress, SmartCI was officially accredited by Alexandria University to be one of its independent research centers according to the Alexandria University Council decision in July 2018.


SmartCI aims to be a pioneering research institution that cooperates with government and private institutes to resolve challenges facing the ever-evolving integration between Information and Communication technologies (ICT) and critical infrastructure resources and services.


SmartCI targets to provide innovative solutions for the development of critical infrastructure through interdisciplinary and applied research.

We focus on establishing new public-private partnerships to provide an innovative engineering and science education model through integrated research and technology transfer services.


  • Bridge the gap between theoretical and applied research and technology development;
  • Form research groups in different fields capable to collaborate with each other and provide integrated innovative solutions for the infrastructure development using ICT;
  • Establish highly equipped research labs at one place for researchers;
  • Link research projects/ ideas to the related interested bodies and suitable funding agencies;
  • Incubate research groups from different universities and do effort to involve them with industrial partners to work together;
  • Engage undergraduate/graduate students and industry personnel in experiential opportunities through industry-related research.

Current and Previous Partners and FundersĀ