Call for Challenges

art Critical Infrastructure (SmartCI) is a multidisciplinary research center that was established in 2013 as a collaboration between Virginia Tech-Middle East and North Africa (VT-MENA) and Alexandria University

Researchers of SmartCI are specialized in utilizing Information and Communications cutting edge technologies along with state-of-the-art research to solve challenges facing the infrastructure systems (Education, Health, Transportation, Industry…etc.)

Through the Research for Industry program, industrial entities shall gain greater access to cutting edge research and scientific talent with relatively small budget and on the other hand academia will gain access to financial support and access to real world challenges

Program Goals

  1. Encouraging the industrial entities to invest in new technologies
  2. Linking the academia to industrial entities
  3. Helping industry to solve their current challenges
  4. Strengthen the link between academia and industry
  5. Technology transfer from academia to industry

Parties Responsibilities

  1. SmartCI Responsibilities
    • Program management
    • Participating in defining industrial issues/challenges
    • Participating in the Reviewing Committee
    • Incubating the research teams at SmartCI premises
    • Provide the research teams access to SmartCI facilities and services, as needed
  2. The Industrial Entity Responsibilities
    • Defining the industrial issues/challenges
    • Participating in the Reviewing Committee
    • Funding the selected solutions/proposals

Program Description

Phase 1: Call for Challenges
Parties: SmartCI Research Center – Industrial entity


Phase 2: Call for Solution
Parties: The reviewing committee – SmartCI Research Center – Applicants/researchers


Interested industrial entities are encouraged to submit challenges/ problems statements to SmartCI via email to
Submitted abstracts are considered to be confidential and cannot be shared with others without getting formal permission from the entity.


SmartCI Brochure
Program Brochure