Post-Award Administration

SmartCI Research Center targets to provide a good working environment for research, such that researchers can focus on their research work rather than being distracted by the award administration activities.

During the research project lifetime, SmartCI provides services that include but are not limited to:

  • Access to the SmartCI Research Management System that provides professional follow up and administration of funded projects, financially and technically
  • Well-equipped incubators that include:
    • Printers,
    • White boards,
    • Wi-Fi,
    • Scanner,
    • Kitchen area (Microwave, boiler, dispenser),
    • Projector
    • Access to meeting rooms
  • Access to SmartCI labs and available equipment/ facilities
  • Reviewing the contractual terms and conditions of the new approved projects and helping the Principal investigator (PI) to fulfill all the contract signing requirements
  • Help the PI to ensure the proper execution of contracts with the funding agencies
  • SmartCI IT team support
  • Following up the projects budget, reports, money deposits and recommending changes as needed
  • Start and follow up the correspondences between the funding agencies and Projects’ PIs
  • Start, follow up and finalize all the procurement activities such as preparing the tender documents and any other paperwork



Project Administration Templates

Equipment Reservation and Acquisition Templates

Supplies and Rooms Reservation Templates

Conference Registration, Travel and Per-Diem related Templates

HR Letters and Customs Clearance Requests