Awards Administration Offices

Research & Development Office (R&D Office)

The R&D Office is responsible for the management of the proposal-writing phase. Specifically, the office targets to assist researchers in proposal developing and refining, budget preparation, proposal submission and award administration when the proposal is accepted for external funding, taking into consideration SmartCI and Alexandria University (AU) internal policies along with the sponsor’s regulations. The R&D Office represents SmartCI in its dealings with sponsors and partners. Additionally, the R&D Office can help the researchers to find the most suitable funding opportunities.

Finance Office

The Finance is responsible for managing the financial tasks and activities related to the proposal writing phase and the award administration phase, taking into consideration SmartCI and AU internal policies along with the sponsor’s agreement terms. Additionally, the Office targets to assist the PIs in their financial dealings with AU. The Finance Office sub-offices are:

Purchase Office

The Purchase Office is responsible for the supplies and equipment purchase activities. The office task ends on items delivery to the PI.

Travel Office

The Travel Office is responsible for handling the researchers’ domestic and international travel related activities.

Administration Office

The administration Office is responsible to assist the researchers in room and supplies reservation, printing and mailing services…etc.

Information Technology Office (IT)

The IT is responsible for the IT related tasks and equipment reservation.