Developing Literacy in Borg El-Arab Community using Cloud based Infrastructure and User-Centered Approach for Technology Design

Project PI: Dr. Shaimaa Lazem
Project Team: Dr. Marwa Elteir
Research area: Computer science/ Education systems


Using  ICT  technologies  such  as  computerized  curricula  and  educational  games  is  proved  to  be  very  effective  in  improving learning experience of children. However, the cost of delivering such technologies to all governmental schools may not be afforded by the government.

This project incorporates knowledge from distributed systems and human-computer interaction to reduce the digital gap between the children and adults who have access to ICT facilities and those who don’t due to their social, economic, or geographical reasons. Specifically, it aims to achieve the following goals:

  • Create a prototype for a low-cost digital infrastructure that can be conveniently deployed in  under-developed  rural  areas  where  IT  services  are  either  costly  or  not  available.
  • Reduce the cost of using ICT technologies in children’s education through adoption of this infrastructure by public schools.

Design educational applications to engage semiliterate adults in learning activities.  The applications’ interfaces will be designed to have minimal learning cost so that adults focus on the educational content of the application. The applications will be deployed in public spaces to transform learning to a service that semiliterate adults can get anytime, anywhere at their convenience.