Real-time Big Data Analytics for Smart Traffic Mangement

Project PI: Dr. Iman Elghandour
Project Team: Dr. Mohammed Khalefa, Eng. Ahmed Khalifa
Google scholar:
Research area: Cloud Computing/ Real-time Big Data Analytics


Road congestion is one of the major traffic problems in Egypt. Traffic congestion leads to time loss, wasted fuel, inability to forecast travel time, and preventing emergency vehicles from timely response. Intelligent traffic management help address some of the causes and consequences of traffic accidents and congestion. The project aims to build a real time big data analytics framework that uses GSM data, and information from social networks (e.g., Bey2ollak,, and twitter) to provide a universal real time traffic management system that helps

(1) Reduce congestion,
(2) Detect emergencies and accidents,
(3) Guide people in case of emergencies, and
(4) Estimate travel time for public transportation.