Solutions for Next Generation FTTH Access Networks

Project PI: Dr. Ziad Elsahn
Project Team: Dr. Ahmed Farid, Dr. Ali M. Elrashidi
Research area: Optical Communications


This project will be looking at inexpensive solutions for next generation passive optical networks (PONs) aiming to:

  1.  user bit rates higher than 1 Gb/s;
  2. longer PON reach; and
  3. larger number of users per optical line terminal (OLT).

Both green‐field and brown‐field deployment scenarios will be considered. To do so, we may consider wavelength‐division multiplexed (WDM) PONs and try to address the design challenges and requirements. Further, we may be studying the possibility to use optical code‐division multiple-access (OCDMA), subcarrier‐multiplexing (SCM), optical orthogonal frequency‐division multiplexing (OFDM), optical interleaved‐division multiple‐access (OIDMA), or some other hybrid techniques for next generation PONs. The use of coherent detection will also be addressed to enable high order modulation formats, and digital signal processing (DSP).

This research work will be focusing on both the system and device levels. The performance of the proposed solutions will be evaluated mainly via Matlab and Optisystem simulations, and possibly some basic experiments may be conducted.