Preparation and Characterization of CZTSSE Thin-Film Solar Cells

Project PI: Dr. Hanaa Abou Gabal
Project Team: Prof. Moataz Soliman, Eng. Sameh Hegazy
Research area: Renewable Energy


As a result of Egypt’s growing energy demand, the government plans to increase the amount of power generated from renewable sources, particularly wind and solar energy. Therefore, developing the technology of renewable energy can be regarded as a vital need in Egypt.

This project is concerned with one of the most important types of renewable energy, namely “the solar cells”. This project aims is to produce a high performance chalcopyrite thin film solar cell applying innovative preparation ideas and treatments. The effect of the preparation techniques and conditions on the properties of each of the deposited films and consequently on the cell performance as a whole will then be studied. Chalcopyrite-type materials are selected as they are considered to be the most promising thin-film solar cell materials. They exhibit direct band gaps well matched to the solar spectrum in addition to their very favorable electronic properties.