Better Understanding of Trabeculectomy via Numerical Modelling

Project PI: Dr. Mohamed Nasr
Project Team: Dr. Nader Bayoumi
Research area: Numerical modelling / Ophthalmology


Glaucoma is a characteristic optic neuropathy in which intraocular pressure (IOP) is a significant risk factor. Lowering of the IOP can be achieved medically or surgically. Surgical lowering of the IOP can be achieved by a number of surgical options, the most consistent and time-tested of which is the external fistulising operation, commonly known as Cairn’s trabeculectomy.

Currently, the implementation of the trabeculectomy procedure is solely based on the surgeon skills and expertise, with no clear understanding of the engineering basics. The project aims to use numerical simulations to better understand the physics of trabeculectomy, along with some sensitivity analyses, in an effort to standardise its procedure.

Being able to standardise the trabeculectomy procedure and understand its physical basics will be a milestone in the field of glaucoma surgeries, which will lead to more consistent, repeatable and successful surgeries.

Specifically, the project targets to create a numerical model for the trabeculectomy operation, in an attempt to predict the flow of aqueous humour through the fistula created by the operation, and thus the expected reduction of IOP, at least in part.